Friday, February 29, 2008

101 Things to do in 1001 days

So, I am sort new to the whole blogging thing. I have a private family blog but that is easy to find material to write about.
I have been doing some exploring on the web about various memes and sort. I came across this website Day Zero and I think I like the challenge it offers. At first it seems overwhelming but then I like the idea of really thinking about things I would like to accomplish in the next 2.75 years. I have posted my list on the side (it is complete, I just need to finish typing it in).
I hope this inspires someone else to do some long term thinking. Where are you and where do you want to be? My dad talks a lot about this. If you don't have an idea where you want to be, how will you know when you get there?
Start thinking and dreaming!!

101 Things to Accomplish in 1,001 Days

Task completed
Task in progress
1. Lose 45 pounds and maintain loss (4.8/45 183.2)
2. Shopping spree at Ann Taylor or Talbot's
3. Sponsor a child through Compassion
4. Fly in a hot air balloon
5. See the sunrise on the East coast and set on the West coast on the same day!
6. Fence in the backyard
7. Pick raspberries from Granddad's bushes
8. Record 50 family stories (0/50)
9. Read Bible cover to cover
10. Complete a couples' devotional
11. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
12. Finish J's quilt
13. Finish the 1st quilt
14. Create family heritage albums (0/2)
15. Walk 1,000 miles (for exercise) (9.75/1,000)
16. Read 20 biographies (0/20)
17. Participate in a short term mission trip
18. Plant a tree
19. Have dinner at Seasons 52
20. Make a list of 50 things I like about myself
21. Make a list of 50 things I like about Hubbie
22. Make my bed in the morning for a month
23. Learn to bake great bread
24. Become politically aware for the November election
25. Get fitted for a bra
26. Buy 4 bras that fit! (0/4)
27. See a play
28. Decide on guardians
29. Make a will ( I know, I know!!)
30. Memorize 140 Bible verses (0/140)
31. Finish family tree for Gram
32. Get new contacts
33. Get new glasses
34. Visit dentist 2x a year (1/5)
35. Write 2 snail mail letters each month (2/66)
36. Participate in 3 walks for causes (0/3)
37. Compile a wardrobe I love
38. Surprise someone with a gift (0/5)
39. Take kids to zoo
40. Take kids to aquarium
41. Read 20 new books (biographies don't count) (1/20)
Navy Wife (Macomber)
42. Buy flowers for myself (0/12)
43. Plan a romantic weekend for Hubbie (0/3)
44. Attend Marriage Retreat each year(1 /3)
45. "Boo" 5 neighbors each year at Halloween (0/15)
46. Leave a 50% tip
47. Pay for the person behind me in line
48. Get teaching certificate renewed
49. Take classes to renew certificate
50. Use Resurrection Eggs each Easter (1/3)
51. Sleep under the stars with kids
52. Involve kids in Operation Christmas Child (0/2)
53. Create a scrapbook about myself
54. Make a prayer list for each kid (0/2)
55. Pray it!
56. Try 30 new recipes (1/30)
57. Find a persecuted Christian to pray for
58. Share the gospel with 5 people (0/5)
59. Write a letter of compliment to a supervisor
60. Visit an art museum
61. Go to an art show
62. Ride on a bus, train, boat with kids (0/3)
63. Learn to play the keyboard
64. Learn to read music
65. Create a house cleaning schedule
66. Stick to the schedule for 6 months (0/6)
67. Read and understand A Tale of Two Cities
68. See dolphins in the inter coastal
69. Leave Hubbie a love note once a month (0/33)
70. Meet up with an old friend
71. Save $2.00 for every item completed (0/101)
72. Send photos of the kids to grandparents every 3 months (0/11)
73. Hang out with a friend (1 on1) once a month (2/33)
74. Buy Greg Olsen print for J's room
75. Get my ring cleaned
76. Get a pet fish
77. Go to an airshow with Hubbie (maybe w/out the kids)
78. Spend the day at Sea World w/out kids
79. Spend the day at Sea World w/ my brother and family
80.Take R to the Science Center
81. Do 2 beth Moore studies (0/2)
82. Get cholesterol checked (lowered if needed)
83. Finish hand sewn quilt
84. Visit S&J for at least a weekend (0/2)
85. Visit my grandmothers once every 4 months (0/8)
86. Spend the weekend at the beach
87. Plan a surprise for 10th anniversary
88. Scan cards and memorabilia, burn to a disc
89. Take a class with Hubbie
90. Write a thank you card to Molly
91. Write Thanksgiving cards to 5 people each year (0/15)
92. Give $5 per item NOT done to Wesley Foundation
93. Write a story for my kids
94. Introduce R to Little House on the Prairie books
95. Go geocaching as a family with brother's family
96. Travel to NM for Balloon Festival
97. Bring cookies to church once a month (1/33)
98. Volunteer to teach a children's Sunday School class
99. Establish a birthday tradition
100. Write R a letter the first day of Kindergarten
101. Make a new list

Thursday, February 28, 2008

5 Positives

I am stealing this idea from Jaime at Laughable Lunacy (who stole it from her friend)
I too need to focus more on the positives in my life. I have so blessings I should be thankful for.

So here goes:

1. I know a God who loves me no matter what. He is faithful even when I am not. To use a friend's favorite word (or maybe it is just my favorite word that she uses!), I know a God that is constantly pursuing me! He desires to have a deep and REAL relationship with me.

2. I have an incredible husband who works very hard to provide so that I can stay home with our little girls.

3. My immediate family lives within 15 minutes of us. We get together every Sunday night for dinner. My girls are growing up surrounded by family!!

4. My daughter potty trained very very easily!! She was trained in under a week with next to no accidents. Nothing I did, it was all God and her!!

5. We got to enjoy the crisp weather with friends today after being cooped indoors for two days with colds!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Please Pray

I have been following this family for about a month now.
Please lift this family up in your prayers. You can join them on their journey at:

They have an amazing faith! Their story will change your life. Tricia is awaiting a double lung transplant, Gwyneth Rose is miracle, and Nate is the voice to their stories.


This is just a place for me to reflect on my life and what God is doing in it. I have a lot running around in my head. I don't know how interesting this will be for others to read but I toss it out there.
Thanks for stopping by. Let me know you were here.