Friday, March 7, 2008

Awesome experience

I had the most incredible experience today. God answered prayer in an unexpected way.
I was supposed to have lunch with a friend, she had to cancel. I had been praying about the lunch all morning (I confess to being a little nervous). When she canceled, I looked up and said, "that is not the answer I was looking for!" So I continued to pray that God would let me run into someone to have lunch with. No such luck! We were at Target getting J's pictures (they turned out awesome!!!!) so I decided to stay there for lunch, still praying that I would run into someone.
We were almost finished when a lady walked up with her young son the cart. She sat down and put her head down. I watched her for a few moments, it was obvious something was not right. I finally got up my nerve to go say something. Turns out she was about 3.5 months pregnant and had all the symptoms of a panic attack (dizzy, sweating, heart racing). I was able to sit with her until her friend arrived to take her to the hospital (at the recommendation of her doctor).
It was truly amazing to know that God had placed me there for that woman. It is amazing what happens when I pray and then walk yielded to the Holy Spirit!

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amy said...

April, you are awesome..Thanks for being there and just listening to God. Cant wait to share the details from my retreat..It was beyond phenomenal..