Wednesday, March 19, 2008


As someone who grew up in a unchurched home, I sometimes struggle with holidays who background and "true" meaning lies in the church. My Easters were full of the Easter Bunny, eggs and baskets, I am not sure Jesus was ever mentioned. That is not what I want for my girls!!! Already R knows that Easter is about Jesus (and she had known since her 1st year. Thanks to Miss Patty Cake) For those of you with little kids Miss Patty Cake has a video in which she uses the Resurrections Eggs (FamilyLife) to tell the Easter story. It has stuck with R. This year R has discovered that people were mean to Jesus, and hurt him. How oh how to you explain this to a soon-to-be 3 year old!!! I told her that the mean people gave Jesus boo boos and God fixed/healed those boo boos. She understands the concept of boo boos. At first I was a little concerned about her fixation on the boo boos, but then I asked her what happened after God fixed the boo boos. She told me Jesus is alive!!
So she is off to a good start. But the dilemma is what to do about the Easter Bunny and the baskets. and the Easter Egg hunt (always a HUGE and exciting part of my childhood!) Part of the issue is that Hubbie is singing at the Sunrise service and all 3 services after that. He will not be home until about 1. So there is not really a way to have the Easter Bunny leave the baskets before church or even while we are at church. This year I think we have settled on just giving them the baskets after Hubbie gets home. Not really making a big deal about the Bunny bringing them. I am not really sure I ever want to be make a big deal about the Bunny. But then I struggle with turning my back on my childhood and the traditions my parents gave me. I LOVED the Easter Egg hunt. My Dad is the BEST egg hider ever!! He used to make a tape of where all the eggs were because he hid them so well. I want them to experience that too.


The Maddron's said...

This is a tough one. I went through this with Santa this past year. They are so young and it's wonderful that R knows who Jesus is and understand the true meaning of Easter but it's also so much fun to look for eggs and make childhood memories. We're doing both - the resurrection eggs and a Sunday celebration with eggs and baskets! I get more upset about the "lie" that comes with Santa and the Easter bunny. How am I supposed to ask my children to believe in Jesus - someone they can never see with their eyes and then lie about these fake characters? There is a very thin line there. We told Nicholas everything this past Christmas and we emphasized the difference and apologized for lying. We kept emphasizing the word "American Tradition". Only in America - other countries don't have the Easter bunny - why do we??

steve and randel hambrick said...

TOTALLY agree on the thought of just giving them the basket and not even mentioning the bunny..
why can't you hunt easter eggs?? like jacqueline said, it's a cultural tradition and has nothing to do with the easter bunny.. we just take turns (even with the girls) on hiding eggs and hunting them in the yard. the bunny isnt involved with that at all!

Jaime said...

One thing I've read at Rocks in My Dryer (if you look at her Works for Me Wed posts, it was in the last month or so) is that she celebrates the first day of spring with her family. That is when they do all the eggs and candy & 'cultural' stuff (to quote previous commenters). It frees up Easter to be a bit more relaxing (and you could just hand the kids their baskets that day) and teachable & lets you focus on the true meaning of Easter.

I've always thought it sounded really neat. This year wouldn't work so well, but hey....