Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

I just finished watching the Passion of the Christ. I never thought I would want to watch it again and I certainly did not enjoy watching it either time. I know it is one man's impressions of what happened on Jesus' last day. I think the movie has helped make it real to me. It is easy to read it in the Bible and not fully understand what Jesus suffered through.
There were two things that struck me this time. Jesus got on that cross, he crawled across that rocky ground and laid down on the cross. He suffered this willingly. He would have done it for just me. He did it for me. I am so unworthy. I am the worst kind of sinner, one who is so prideful that I forget I do need a Savior everyday. May I never forget again. May the reality of my sin be as real to me as His suffering, as His forgiveness. May I always remember that without of His love, His grace I am nothing. May my life reflect HIM and not me.

The second thing that struck me was Mary's strength, a mother's strength. There are times when Jesus seems to draw strength from her. When he sees her in the crowd as he is being beaten, he stands tall. When he sees her again, he has the strength to stand again. This spoke to me about the power a mother can have in the life of her child. He was fully God and fully man. I believe the man in him needed his mother. I want that kind of relationship with my girls. I want them to be able to draw strength from me when they need it.

Those are my thoughts on this "darkest day in history." I look through this darkness to the HOPE of Easter morning. I can't wait to celebrate the resurrection of my Savior at the sunrise service. There is nothing like it.


Jaime said...

Great post.

Valtool said...

I've never seen the Passion, but I have always had a subdued interest.