Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The last two days I have spent my free time on a rather impromptu project. I was rearranging some pictures and decided to patch the resulting holes. That involved pulling out all the paint stuff, which led to, "the paint does not have to be white!" So it is green instead!! I am very excited about the results. This green is also in the kitchen in small doses so it ties the front of the house with the back of the house. Check back in a couple days and I will post the wall with the pictures that started the whole process.
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steve and randel hambrick said...

when you get finished, come on over. there are a few rooms here that could use a new coat. :)

Jaime said...

oh wow!! That green looks so fresh!! :)

The Maddron's said...

nice!! i agree w/ randel. we're painting tomorrow and we sure could use an extra pair of experienced hands!!

looks nice - can't wait to see the pictures back on it for the complete look.

Valtool said...

It's not easy being green.