Thursday, March 20, 2008

What do I wear??!!

Okay so the next statement is going to sound awful but I dislike special services at church! I never know what to wear. I think a more accurate statement is that I don't have what I would like to wear! I am so tempted to run out to Target right now (it is 4:30) to buy a "little black dress" to wear to the Maundy Thursday service tonight (at 7:00). Nothing fancy but something appropriate for a "service of shadows". I have nothing in my closet!! (which is so far from the truth, I have more clothes than I need!) That is one of my major goals as I lose this weight, I want a closet that looks nicer. I am tired of the run down SAHM look I have been wearing for years!!! Even before I was a SAHM!!
I have made one discovery I really don't like the way I look in button down shirts. They do nothing for me. I can iron them, but they never look nice.
I think I have decided on my brown capris and a cream top.
Thanks for listening to this rant. I really do know that God does not care what I wear, all He cares about is my heart and attitude. The service is not about what people are wearing, it is about reflecting on the life and sacrifice of my Lord and Savior. When I focus on that, the clothing is so unimportant.
Jesus, Help me to stay focused on you this next several days. Break my heart again to your suffering and sacrifice. Make my daily need for you as my Savior very real to me. Remind me of your love. I want this Easter to be all about you!

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