Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This weekend my pastor talked about emotions. The main point was that feelings should follow action/behavior. It made so much sense to me. It is much harder to apply in our culture. There are some emotions that don't seem to fit that bill.

I want to feel peaceful and patient with my 3 year old, what sort of behaviors do I have to do to feel that way? I want to remain calm when all chaos is breaking loose while I am trying to fix dinner (you know that last 30 to 60 minutes before the "help" arrives home from a hard day at the office). Does that mean breathing deeply for that hour? I want to feel more compassion for a certain child in our life, that one means doing more for someone else at a time of day when I am done!!!

The Holy Spirit is pricking my conscience. These are all things I can't do on my own. I am humanly unable to live outside myself. It is only through HIM that I am able to be the person I desire to be.

Holy Spirit, I empty myself of me. I empty myself of my pride, my selfish ways, my fears, my concerns. I empty myself of me so there is room for you and your gifts - your fruit. I want to bear fruit for you. Fill me , Holy Spirit!

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