Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Family, Prayer, and me

I am going to try and put into words what I am feeling right now.
Back in January a friend said, "You should read this blog." I clicked over to discover a tiny baby fighting for life, a wife/mom who also was fighting for life, and a husband/daddy documenting their journey. This family has had a profound effect on me. I think one of the reasons their story touches me is Tricia has Cystic Fibrosis. We discovered with my first pregnancy that I am a carrier of cf. (Charles is not so the chances of our children having it are nil.) This story gives me a glimpse into what our life might have been like. It reminds me daily to be thankful that my children are healthy.
I think what draws me to this family most though is something else that we share, our faith in Jesus Christ. They are unwavering in their faith. Nate is quick to point out his fear of heights so I don't have them on a pedestal. I know they are human, but they have been able to keep their focus on God and His plan for them. They have allowed God to use their story to spread the word about cf and organ donation. Read just a few of the comments and you will see that their story is impacting people for eternity. I am blown away by my connection with this family. We will probably never meet this side of heaven, yet when they got the call for the lungs, my reaction was one as if they were dear friends. I wanted to shout from the mountaintop with joy. My husband does not get it, but I think in some way this is how it should be. Nate, Tricia, and Gwyneth are friends, more than that they are family. We are in God's family. I should be shouting for joy for them. I rejoice in that community!
As I type this, Tricia is still in surgery getting new lungs! (Praise God!) In the past 24 hours I have experienced an attitude of constant prayer, I think for the first time. I remember last night thinking, "This is what scripture is talking about - to pray constantly." I want to carry that attitude into my own life. How different would my life be if I sought Him at every turn? My responses to the world around (my dear husband and children) would certainly be different. Why is it that I can pray constantly for people I have never met, but I don't think to pray constantly for the ones most dear in my life?
God, please give me the power to change that. Please empower me to carrying this attitude of prayer into my daily life. Thank you for Nate and their story. Please continue to shelter them in the palm of your hand. Amen.

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