Saturday, April 26, 2008

Granddaddy update

Holy Spirit spoke and I obeyed. He said, "Go see your grandfather! with your brother."
I am so thankful I listened!! Bozo and I had the best time in the car, even though we got off track twice (I won't call it lost because we sort of knew where we were!). I can't remember the last time we had time just the two of us without our families around. Very nice!

My grandfather looked good (considering). He knew who we were!! That was huge! I got to hold his hand until he fell asleep. Then I got to whisper to him what I felt I needed to say. I am at peace now. Praise God! I am still unsure of his salvation but I might not get that reassurance this side of heaven. But I have done all I can do. I am still praying and if I can swing it, I might go visit again. My dad went today and i am anxious to hear how he was. I know that every day is different at this point.
Please continue to lift the family up. Three children are losing their father, three grandchildren are losing their grandfather, three great-granddaughters are losing their great-grandfather, and two ex-wives are losing a man they loved.

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MyThreeDaughters said...

You have done very well.