Saturday, May 3, 2008


June 14, 1927 - May 3, 2008
Dearest Granddaddy,
I am not sure where to begin. You lived a tumultuous life that really impacted your family. As I reflect on your life, I wish I had done things differently. I wish I had been in a position to do things differently. I can only pray that you knew that I loved you and desired a better relationship with you.

I do have some fond memories of times with you. The time we went fishing stands out. You made me hook that nasty worm. I am not even sure I caught fish after all of that!!

I remember coming to your beautiful home that you build. I remember loving the view off the back deck. You did such neat things with wood, your creations were all over the house. I remember going out to the shed/barn where you were making soda cozies.

I remember that you always liked "big and scary" dogs!! You always had some dog I was scared to death of! It was an odd mix because after you remarried you have HUGE dogs outside and tiny dogs inside!

I loved sitting quietly listening to you and your children recount stories from their childhood. Some of them made me really glad you were not MY dad! Cherry cobbler comes to mind!

I remember your smile and your laugh. I loved the way you looked over your glasses at me to make a point. Your eyes carried such a twinkle.

You will be missed.


Valtool said...

April, please extend my condolences to your entire family. The knowledge that this was coming doe snot make the reality of it any easier to reconcile, other than the hopeful expectation that you will see him again.

The Doodle Family (As Authored by Kimberley) said...

April, I just want you to know that you and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers and if you need anything, know you just need to pick up the phone. Sending you lots of love and light!

Jaime said...

April, I'm so sorry.

Melanie said...

So sorry for the loss of your grandfather. This is a lovely tribute to him!