Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sermon thoughts

My pastor preached a convicting message this weekend. Well, at least I was convicted. My husband was reassured. (Talk about the Holy Spirit speaking to individuals!!)
It was about the second coming of Jesus and that we need to be ready at all times. It could be tomorrow or not for another hundred years. We don't know and Scripture says we won't! Only God knows. The pastor was talking about being ready to face God the Judge. If we know we are living in sin we need to change that. Repent and turn away. He mentioned several of the "big" sins: adultery, embezzling, porn, etc. I find it interesting that judgment, slander, self ambition, jealousy, etc. did not make it into the sermon. He made a statement like, "those that sit on the pews on Sunday and then go home and turn on the computer to look at porn are in trouble" Immediately the Holy Spirit said to me, "Those that sit on these pews on Sunday and are judging others are in trouble!"

There are so many sins that live deep within me that I can do a fairly good job of hiding from the outside world. They are just as dangerous if not more so than those that the world can see. Our Bible study is about peace this week; a whole day was devoted to the judgment of others and how that can steal your peace! I know that judgment and a critical heart are huge areas of darkness in my life. I am so thankful that God loves me enough to point that out to me (over and over again!). He is changing me slowly. I hear the judgment now where as before I am not sure I heard it as judgment.

I know it is only through the Holy Spirit that I will be able to change. I have one friend in particular that I admire because she never sounds judgmental even if I know she does not agree with the other person. She never has a negative thing to say about others (okay never is a strong word because she is human and does have some challenging people to deal with.) I strive to be more like that. I want to honor people and God with my words and thoughts. I know that one day with God's help I won't even think the thoughts!! Praise God for his power to overcome sin!!

I can't believe you stuck around to finish reading this, I wish I had a better command of the English language. Thanks for reading.


Jaime said...

Paragraphs!! That's what you need! :)

In all seriousness, I really liked the sermon too. Though it made me feel happy & sad all at once. And slightly energized.

April said...

is that better?

Valtool said...

I am facing a tough decision, as it's a lot less frequent that I am in Central Florida than it used to be. We will be in town for the first time in almost a year during the weekend of May 4. Last May when we were there we did a surprise worship visit with groomsman Steve Binkley at Grace UMC in Lake Mary. This time the plan is to surprise visit/worship at FUMC of Winter Park, where we married and where good friend Dr. Bob is the pastor. The problem is it'd be nice to visit UCUMC with April, or to go to Fellowship Assembly with old friend Vaughan Rhea and his family.... too many worship choices for one day!