Friday, May 9, 2008

Family Night Ideas

Dr. Seuss Night
  • have green eggs and ham
  • make red and white hats for all
  • Follow the Cat
  • Balancing Relay (or just practice balancing items on your head)
  • do some real planting
  • have dirt cake
  • eat spaghetti (as worms!)
Super Why
  • create problem to solve
  • make caps for everyone
Curious George
  • simple science experiments
  • donuts for dessert (he loves donuts)
  • watch the movie/ read CG books
  • Ted Says
Tie Tye
  • make family shirts
  • coffee filter butterflies
Pool party
  • dinner by the pool
  • swimming/water fight
  • obstacle course with beach ball
Tea Party
  • (manly) tea sandwiches
  • make hats for family
Fire Truck/ Fighter
Flip Flop
  • flip flop dessert (Bright ideas M&M site)
  • Decorate flip flops
  • relay race in flip flops
  • Lily pad hop
Mexican Fiesta
Ice Cream Parlor
  • Galloping Horse relay (riding on a broom)
  • Pin the tail on the horse
  • Hot Dogs, Beans, Corn on the cob, Cowboy cake
  • make a tent under the table
  • s'mores
  • sleeping bags

Here are some websites I found in generating this list:
Family Fun
The GIANT list of Birthday parties

Have fun coming up with your own themes and PLEASE share them!!!

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