Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rough times

This past week has been rough.
My Granddaddy past away on Saturday. I am having a harder time processing this than I thought I would. His service is the 17th. I am looking forward to the closure I pray that brings.

Early Sunday morning (4:00am) my youngest let me know that she had caught a tummy bug. So for the next three nights she decorated her crib for me.
Then last night my oldest let me know that she too had caught the tummy bug! Oh Joy!!

The really strange thing is that they are only getting sick once at night. But it makes me wary during the day, "How much do I let them eat? If I let them eat are they going to get sick again?" I HATE tummy bugs!!!

SO because of the bug in the house, I have been pretty isolated too, can't go out (don't want to have to bleach the car!!) can't have people here! I am a people person. I get my energy from being with my friends.

Lord, please provide for me. Please provide wisdom and discernment in caring for my girls. Please provide rest and peace for all of us. Please lay your healing hand on my girls! Please fill me with your Spirit until You overflow into my family's lives.


Libby said...

Aw, I am so sorry. Wes had that too for a couple of days. He would only get sick at night too. Which, is awful, because you have to pull everything out of the crib, sheets, favorite loveys etc....

julie and joe said...

I missed you on Tuesday! I am SO sorry to hear about your grandfather...and I hope your babies feel better soon!!
Praying for you....