Saturday, May 3, 2008

Then Sings my Soul

I am excited about joining this meme because God uses songs in my life to remind me to pray for specific people.

This week is a song that I first heard in middle school. I got to hear it again live for the first time in years!! Michael W. Smith performed "Friends" last night. You could tell he is still amazed at how much people like this song.

My heart was heavy last night as I listened to the words again. I have a dear friend who is moving to Georgia, obeying God's call on her husband's life (and her life). She is currently in Ghana as her husband moves their girls to a new city. I prayed this song over her last night as I sang.

Randel, this song is dedicated to you! You will be greatly missed! May God place his guiding hand on your shoulder and direct your every move! Love you!!

(this was the best video I could find! LOL!)


Mocha with Linda said...

Yeah, YouTube was down this morning, but it's back up. I LOVE the song Friends!!! Thanks for including it.

Melanie said...

This song is very special to me, too. So glad you shard it with us today.

Tänia said...

This song is so special to me because it's the song that my best friend and I call 'our song'. I remember that when I moved away from Tennessee she sang this to me. Thank you for sharing this one today, it brought back sweet memories and a few tears.

Tänia of

Peggy said...

ONE of my favorites that last forever! You maybe just heard Michael W. Smith play it Live last night but I probably heard it when he was the age he is on this video.

Thanks April! It is an aMazing song that should bless your friend, and how wonderful that you pray for them when you hear the song that reminds you of them!

Welcome to Then Sings my Soul Saturday since songs bless you so, I'll know you'll be blessing us!

Andrea said...

Isn't it amazing to have wonderful friends that we feel this way about! I think God blessed you with your dear friend! Distance separated my BFF and me for years but now we live two streets apart - and that seems like a long ways away too (I know perspective..silly us). But, when you had that dear friend, you don't want them to go 5 minutes, let alone hours of driving!

Thanks for sharing! I need to send it to my BFF's to let them know how much I value them being BFF's!!

steve and randel hambrick said...

april!!! i love you and will miss you too! remember, you have a FREE PLACE to stay in georgia :):)