Sunday, June 22, 2008

40 Day Fast

I have joined a group of bloggers to participate in a 40 Day Fast. I will actually be fasting for only 2 of those days. This fast is to raise awareness of needs around the world and to pray for the organizations that seek to meet those needs. Each day a different blogger will highlight a different need on their blog. I will have a link here to that blogger.
I will be fasting on Tuesday, June 24. I covet your prayers for that day. I will be working the kitchen at VBS!! with Vanilla Wafers! No temptation there! God has a great sense of humor.
Thanks for joining me on this eye-opening adventure!


euphrony said...

Fasting while working the VBS kitchen - that's tough! Thanks for pushing through, though. I'll be praying for you tomorrow.

Last year, participating in the fast, I fasted on my birthday. One way to look at it was a good excuse to not have any cake (which I don't need, anyway).

Amy said...

oooh, vanilla wafers...:)