Friday, June 13, 2008

Family Night - Monkey Night

I found this monkey who helped me make chocolate covered bananas (Monkey Popsicles)!
This is what happens when you try and get pictures of both people in the process. The chocolate got too hot and curdled. I had to add corn syrup so it would wrap around the bananas.

Our "decorations" There was another big Curious George on the floor. (I guess he was enjoying a picnic!!)

Enjoying a Monkey Popsicle!
I hope to get better at remembering family night before 5:00 on Tuesday night!! I need to start writing the theme on the calendar so I see it more!! I am thankful for the focus it creates in my life.


steve and randel hambrick said...

ok, so you have to tell me how to make those! it would be a hit in our house (at least for me!) :)

love you!

amy said...

ok you make me want to be a mom

you rock

Whittaker Woman said...

It really is the fact that you focus on the kids! They have no idea how much time you spent or how much money it took to put it on. Sounds like fun. I think we are going to do a monkey night soon too. H

Valtool said...

You, my friend, have been tagged for a meme. Visit my blog for the details. And is the Biggest loser at UCUMC over? We owe you some missions money