Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I am hungry.

But certainly not starving. It has been a good day. I have been praying for the Mocha Club any time I wanted to eat.
I made it through VBS. A note on that: Mid-morning I really got hungry and even a little grumpy because of it. It was not a great day to go hungry but then I realize millions go to work with this same (even worse) feeling in their tummies. They put in a full, hard day of work so they can put something on the table for their family. Very humbling.

Thank you, Kat, for responding to God's tug on your heart. Lives around the globe are being changed because of your obedience!!


nancy said...

Dear Lord - get April through the day. Thank you for getting her this far!

amy said...

April, I totally lost your email for some reason. Share with us how you are fasting. I hear there is biblical process and its more than just not eating.

Example., are you drinking water? I am asking because I heard a sermon on this once and can not find it!


I am so proud of what GOd is doing though you

Lorijo said...

you should know that i love your music playlist...i keep clicking over hear just to listen =)
good choices. thanks.

Lorijo said...

over here*

marisa said...

Thanks so much for highlighting Mocha Club!! We can feel your prayers :)

Marisa Van Houten
Mocha Club Events Coordinator