Monday, June 23, 2008


I have noticed a change in my life. Things are/were falling apart. I have no interest in blogging, scrapbooking, etc. I am yelling at my 3 year old. All of the old (bad) eating habits are back.

What to know what is different? I have fallen away from a daily relationship with my Heavenly Father! It amazes me to look at the change in my life.

I am working to change that. I have a running prayer list on my counter (where I see it all the time). I am working through a Bible study Beth Moore is leading on her blog. I am listening to my worship music again! I am refocusing my life (again!)

I am so thankful that God does not walk away from me. He always reaches out His arms and welcomes me home. He reminds me that He never left and He was watching me the whole time. He reminds me how better my life runs when HE is in control and NOT ME!!!

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amy said...

Yeah April. I am half way done with the Psalms study and it rocks! See if you can find some friends to do the video with you..
its awesome