Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ragamuffin Top Challenge

Week 2:
Lost 2 lbs (really should have been more. The past three days have been awful eating habits!!)
I walked on Tuesday.
I am hoping next week is better. The trip to the store to get better food will help. Daughter not being sick and maybe sleeping better through the night will help also (my excuses for the lousy week!)
Here is the said picture from last week: (will add picture later, computer giving me problems)

Nothing has changed so I won't post one this week! LOL

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Melanie said...

Congratulation on 2 lbs!

Dandelion Seeds said...

2 is better than nothing! Here's to next week!

Gretch-A-Sketch said...

Hey 2lbs is great! It sure beats any gain, right?

Keep up the good work!