Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Are we crazy?

In a couple of weeks Hubbie and I will embark on a major adventure: we are taking our girls to NY to pick berries off their great grandfather's berry bushes (just as their Daddy did when he was little).
This is going to involve getting two children, two LARGE carseats, a stroller, carry-ons full of entertainment, and a MIL through airport security. I can't wait!! Got any ideas to make it easier?

But seriously I am looking forward to the memories we will be making. Hubbie's grandfather past away in January and his grandmother is staying in the house through this berry season then she is moving in with her sister. So if we wanted to take the girls we had to do it this year. It sounds like Hubbie's cousins are planning to join us too, that will be great!!

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Jaime said...

LOL - yes, it will be crazy, but think of the memories!

check the stroller at the gate as you board.

split forces - send dh on to board first - early, so he can get the carseats installed. you & MIL go on as late as possible - allowing as much run-around time as you can before strapping them into their carseats

i would suggest checking these out (have heard really good things, but no firsthand experience), but i'm guessing you need the carseats on the other end too?

SNACKS!! lots & lots of snacks.