Sunday, July 13, 2008

I have a copy cat!

This afternoon I went to release Love (3 years old) from "quiet" time. As we are cleaning her room, she starts talking about peepee, the potty and her kitchen sink. When I noticed the sink was wet I started paying attention!!
Me: Did you put your peepee in the kitchen sink?
Love: No, I put my peepee in Sweetie's potty (Sweetie is a doll!! It is a doll sized potty seat!)
Me: You did what?
Love: I put it in the potty, then in the sink.

Ok, I did not put her peepee in the sink but I did dump it into the toilet.
I just had to laugh, then explain that Sweetie's potty is just pretend!


Jaime said...

oh... my... word!!!!!

April said...

At least it was in the potty!! and not on the floor!

Valtool said...

at least you don't have a brother renting a room from you who vowits at the top of the stairs, including spraying your bedroom door and only does a minimal clean-u job