Thursday, July 10, 2008

it will be worth it

I have been told by a good friend that if I write more I will get better so I am going to bore the two of you that read this blog with any consistency with more writing!

I am really beginning to stress over the up coming trip. I am one who likes to plan in advance. I make lists of what I am going to pack down to the individual outfits (sometimes). It hit me tonight when Hubbie's grandmother called to talk about food for next week, that we are traveling to NEW YORK, flying on an airplane, spending days away from home without our toys, and (I will be honest) our DVD player!!!!

It does not help that the airlines are scaring me with the whole luggage thing. I don't want to pay extra to get my stuff there, so I want to pack very minimally. I am trying to keep it to two suitcases for the four of us. I maybe crazy but I am going to try my darnedest!!

I know it will all work out, I know that no one will kick of off the plane (I plan to dress the kids very conservatively, so it won't be because of revealing too much!), I know this means the world to his grandmother, I know I will cherish the pictures of my girls and their daddy in the garden together, I know I would never forgive myself if I let this opportunity pass by.

Thanks for listening to the rambling!

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A Stone Gatherer said...

Boy you have the same fears I do! We leave for California next saturday and I have been worried about extra luggage cost too! Along with all the other things that come flying across the country with my hubby and two children. Both of which are nervous about flying, and their mother putting on a brave front because it's not really her cup of tea either! There are fires in CA, and what about the Ocean, beautiful to look at, but do I want my kids swimming.... hummmm.... I think we should both wish ourselves God's blessings and put it in his hands! What do you think?