Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ragamuffin Top Challenge Week #6

walked 1.5 miles (30 minutes)
ate well breakfast, lunch and snack
drank 3 quarts Crystal Light

no walk
ate well breakfast, lunch and snack (dinner was my Dad's AWESOME!!! baked beans)
drank 2 pitchers (4 quarts) of Crystal Light/water!!

Breakfast was more of Dad's beans.
Lunch, snack and dinner on target
no walk
drank 2 pitchers!

walked 1.5 miles (30 minutes)
Breakfast, lunch on track
walked 1.5 miles

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were a complete wash.

I hope this week will be better!! I want to eat better this week. I cheated WAY too often during the five days I was supposed to make wise choices.
I think I need to think about it in those terms: wise and foolish choices. (We are working with our 3 year old on making wise choices!!! So I say those words A LOT!!!) Eating right, exercise, those are wise choices. The root beer I am drinking right now - foolish choice!!

I got the dress!! I can zip it! and it does look really nice on me (maybe I will post a picture later) but... it will look and feel even better if I make WISE choices.

Be encouraged!!! We can be successful!

Goals for this week are the same as last week only add Friday and Saturday!!


Gretch-A-Sketch said...

April you did a great job this week!!! Keep it up!!


Jess B said...

You are doing I'm sitting here with a root beer also. (At least it's one of the little cans!)