Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Family Night - School!!!

In honor of Love starting school, we went to school as a family last night. She helped me make and pack the lunches. She made her sandwich all by herself!! It looked a little "pre-eaten" for my taste, but I think she did a good job for her first attempt! We ate what Love had in her lunch the first day of school - PB&J, fruit cup, granola bar, and a juice box.

Daddy was a good sport and ate all of his lunch! (he is not big on sandwiches or fruit!) Thanks Babe!!
Love and I did a little art too. We did windy and rainy art (in honor of Fay, that is keeping her home from the second day of school!) We sprinkled dry Jello on a piece of paper and stood out in the rain to watch the rain show up on the paper! She also got to blow paint around with a straw.

We ended the evening reading stories and watching Blue Takes You to School.
It was fun to spend time together. I am realizing that the pictures are important but not as important as really BEING with my family!! I know that is the whole point of these nights!
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