Monday, August 11, 2008

Publix Super Savers

I will post my savings a little later.

I ran into a problem using 2 coupons at Publix. My cashier would only let me use one (I has several items that I had one from the paper and one I had printed) He said that the coupon had one it "only one per customer". I think they are two different coupons and I should be able to use them. I mentioned that the codes were different, he would not back down. I think that phrase on the coupon is open to interpretation.


Libby said...

Hey April- I subscribe to your blog :) I am also a coupon clipper, its become my hobby :)
I had this "conversation" with a cashier once at CVS....the coupon said one per purchase....and he interpreted that as one transaction. I told him no, I am purchasing two- so I can use two coupons one for each purchase. Finally the manager agreed. Try talking to your store manager, that always helps me!!
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amy said...

oh that frustrates me.

WE are leaving for Orlando now! Woohoo!

Jaime said...

It depends... but usually if you have two items you can use two coupons. Unless of course the coupon is for TWO of those items. I would probably be wary of a coupon that did say "only one per customer" - they might have meant it - what was the coupon for?

I am assuming that it was for a specific item, and not a $5 off $50 type of coupon? If it was indeed one of the latter, you usually have to have enough in your subtotal. I was able to use a $5 off $30 and a $5 off $50 when my subtotal was $80.

Julie said...

I would have just did two different transactions. Could you have done that? Just a thought. Julie - Couponsavingfamily